The law of least effort

The ayurvedic approach is about aligning with the infinite organising power of nature rather than struggling or trying to force things to go your way.

This principle is embodied by the Law of Least Effort.

When you observe nature, you will notice that grass doesn't try to grow; it just grows. Birds don't try to fly; they fly. Flowers don't try to blossum; they do. Nature functions with effortless ease, frictionlessly, spontaneously. It is intuitive, holistic, non-linear and nourishing.

You expend least effort when your actions are motivated by love, because nature is held together by the energy of love.

When you are motivated by external acknowledgement and accolades, you waste energy. 

When you are motivated by love, your energy expands and accumulates.

So, take it easy and be governed by love.

Amber Brown