The doshas - Pitta


PITTA is air and fire.

The basic theme for Pitta is moderation.

Pitta is responsible for metabolism and transformation in the body - physical digestion, mental digestion and our capacity to perceive and understand.

Qualities of a Pitta dominant physiology

  • medium, well proportioned build
  • moderate strength & endurance
  • enterprising character who enjoys challenges
  • sharp intellect
  • sharp hunger & thirst, strong digestion
  • tendency toward anger or irritability under stress
  • fair or ruddy skin, often freckled, prematurely grey, balding or thinning hair
  • aversion to sun & hot weather
  • precise, articulate speech
  • inability to skip meals

It is very Pitta to

  • feel ravenously hungry if meals are a little late
  • live by your watch and resent having your time wasted
  • wake up at night hot and thirsty
  • take command of a situation or feel that you should
  • have a tendency to be demanding and critical of yourself and others
  • have a determined stride when you walk

When it is balanced, a Pitta dominant physiology 

  • has a sharp, penetrating intellect and strong powers of concentration
  • is sweet, joyous, confident and brave
  • likes challenges and meets them vigorously
  • has an innate tendency to orderliness and efficient management of energy, money and time
  • responds to the world visually
  • possesses strong leadership qualities and ambition

When it is out of balance, a Pitta dominant physiology

  • has a short temper and can be irritable and impatient
  • has a tendency to sarcastic, critical speech
  • experiences digestive issues and skin irritation

To help keep Pitta in balance

  • practice moderation in all things
  • avoid stimulants
  • keep cool
  • laugh and play - don't be too serious