The doshas - Kapha


KAPHA is water and earth.

The basic theme of Kapha is 

Kapha is responsible for substance and support and governs positive traits such as love compassion, patience and forgiveness. Kapha fills the spaces in the body, giving physical strength, vigour and vitality.

As a rule, Kapha dominant physiologies enjoy sound health and express a serene, tranquil view of the world.

Qualities of a Kapha dominant physiology

  • solid, powerful build
  • steady energy, slow and graceful in action
  • slow to anger
  • cool, smooth, pale skin
  • slower to grasp new information but excellent retentive memory
  • tendency to gain weight
  • slow digestion and mild hunger
  • affectionate, tolerant, forgiving nature
  • natural response to the world is through taste and smell

It is very Kapha to

  • think things over for a long time before making decisions
  • wake up slowly and reluctantly
  • be content with the status quo, not seek change
  • respect the feelings of others
  • seek emotional comfort from eating
  • have graceful movements and a gliding walk

When it is balanced, a Kapha dominant physiology

  • has an affectionate, tolerant, forgiving nature
  • is an anchor to those around them
  • has excellent stamina and a willingness to perform manual labour
  • has excellent memory

When it is out of balance, a Kapha dominant physiology

  • experiences sinus congestion, chest colds, asthma
  • tend towards complacency and procrastination
  • becomes stubborn
  • clings to possessions and baulks at change
  • gains weight

To help keep Kapha in balance

  • be active & exercise regularly
  • don't overeat, or overindulge generally
  • avoid sugar, with the exception of honey
  • seek out variety