The doshas - Vata


VATA is air and space.

The basic theme for Vata is change.

Vata is responsible for movement in the body - control of the central nervous system, muscle movement, breathing, digestion and nerve impulses.

Qualities of a Vata dominant physiology

  • light, thin build
  • performs activity quickly
  • irregular hunger and digestion
  • light, interrupted sleep & a tendency to insomnia
  • enthusiastic, vivacious and imaginative
  • excitable with changing moods
  • quick to learn new things, quick to forget them
  • tendency to anxiety and worry
  • tires easily, tendency to overexert
  • mental and physical energy comes in bursts


It is very Vata to

  • be hungry at any time of the day or night
  • love excitement and constant change
  • go to sleep at different times every night, skip meals and keep irregular habits
  • digest food well one day and poorly the next
  • display bursts of emotion that are short lived and quickly forgotten
  • walk quickly


When it is balanced, a Vata dominant phyisology is

  • infectiously happy, enthusiastic & energetic
  • mind is clear and alert
  • inner tone is exhilerated
  • quick, acute response to sound & touch


When it is out of balance, a Vata dominant physiology

  • starts things but doesn't finish them
  • is chronically unsatisfied
  • has a tendency to worry, anxiety & insomnia
  • wastes energy, words & money
  • has unreliable digestion


To help keep Vata in balance 

  • get sufficient rest
  • maintain regular habits
  • exercise in the morning to increase circulation, boost mood and improve immunity
  • eat warming, nurturing foods