Organic ayurvedic tea


Our beautiful, 100% organic teas are blended in Sydney by the talented and highly experienced team of naturopaths at Ovvio. The unique blends of organic herbs and spices will help you maintain balance as well as providing the perfect excuse to sit down with a pot of tea.

It is important to remember that all of us have all of the doshas present in us, and that the levels of each fluctuate depending external as well as internal factors. The weather, the season, the time of day, geography and our age impact on our dosha, as does our response to stressors that we face - emotional, mental and physical.

It is very possible to feel that your Vata is out of balance in the morning and that your Pitta has flared up by the afternoon. Being generally dominant in one or more of the doshas, does not necessarily mean this is always the one that requires balancing.

Which tea is right for me?
If you really enjoy a particular one of our teas, then this is the one for you! If you are feeling a little off-kilter or are wondering where to start, read below for suggestions.

If you are feeling a bit anxious, restless, forgetful or all over the place OR if you would like to feel more grounded, present and resilient, then try our Vata Pacifying Tea.

If you are feeling a bit hot under the collar, critical and intolerant OR you would like to feel more content, constructive, patient and compassionate, then try our Pitta Pacifying Tea.

If you are feeling a bit lethargic, flat, weary and uninspired OR you would like to feel more lively, motivated and bouyant, then try our Kapha Pacifying Tea.

TO BREW YOUR TEA: infuse tea in a coffee plunger with just boiled water, steep for three - five minutes depending on personal taste and enjoy. Keep the tea remnants in the bottom of the plunger and top up with boiling water throughout the day.

The teas can be drunk either hot or at room temperature.