Our story & our products


Our story

We founded Moksha Ayurveda in 2010 after years of searching for high quality and locally produced ayurvedic products.

Our first product was the carefully developed and blended organic dosha balancing teas. Tim worked closely with the highly respected and very talented naturopath and blender of beautiful teas, Anthia Koullouros, to perfect these absolute staples. Tim's deep knowledge of ayurveda teamed with Anthia's passion for and experience with effective herbal remedies delivered the product we were after. Anthia's skilled and diligent team still hand blend these for us here in Sydney using the highest quality organic ingredients .

Our dosha balancing oils and candles are also hand made here in Sydney with the purest of essential oils. Again, a deep understanding of the principles of ayurveda and a mastery of the art of blending have delivered a product of which we are inordinately proud and we know you will enjoy using.

Our stunning meditation shawls are the result of a close partnership with Cloth & Co, an inspiring social enterprise that works directly with artisans in India to deliver premium products and provide employment and income to women in traditionally underprivileged areas. We are honoured to be involved with this inspirational project and the angora and merino wool wraps are a delight to meditate under (they're also a very glamorous wrap on a cool evening). 

This partnership also delivers our canvas packaging bags, providing further opportunities to developing communities in India.

We believe that we all have a responsibility to our planet and to our fellow man and we know that the decisions that we make about how and where each of us spends money impacts both the planet and the lives of others. To that end, we are dedicated to developing products that benefit our beautiful planet, are produced with a positive local impact and are a joy to use.