Dosha balancing oil



Moksha Ayurveda dosha balancing oils are blended here in Sydney. These beautiful, light massage oils are a glorious everyday moisturising treatment and the perfect vehicle for abhayanga - daily oil massage. 

Vata Pacifying Oil will help lubricate dry skin and protect your joints.

Pitta Pacifying Oil will cool inflammation of your skin - eczema, heat rash and acne.

Kapha Pacifying Oil will stimulate circulation and digestion.


For everyday, quick use, to balance Vata, Pitta or Kapha: after showering add a small amount to your hands and rub together. Use this to gently wipe over and massage your face, ears and just inside your nostrils. This will keep your skin soft and glowing and help balance your dosha through your skin, our largest organ.

If you are suffering insomnia, use the Vata Pacifying Oil in the evening. Following a shower or bath, massage into the hands and feet, the soles of your feet and each individual toe and the palms of your hand and each individual finger. This will help to settle all of your organs and allow you to settle to sleep more easily.


Abhyanga, ayurvedic self massage, promotes healthy skin, flexible muscles, tissues and joints, improves circulation. helps improve sleep patterns and generally balance the doshas.

Abhyanga is most beneficial when performed in the morning, before showering.

Step-by-step instructions are below, or watch the short instructional video.

1.   Gently warm the bottle under a hot tap.

2.   Pour some oil into your palm and work vigorously into your scalp as though shampooing your hair.

3.   Move onto the face and ears then neck massaging more gently.

4.   Massage your arms vigorously using long downward strokes on the upperarm, forearm and hand and circular motion on the joints.

5.   You may need to apply more oil at this point. Move onto the chest and abdomen using a gentle circular motion moving clockwise.

6.   Reach around to the back and spine as best you can and massage with circular motion.

7.   Massage your legs as per your arms, with long vigorous downward strokes and circular motion on the joints.

8.   Lastly, massage the bottom of your feet, back and forth over the soles of the feet and each toe.

Keeping a small film of oil on the skin if possible is considered beneficial, but be sure to wipe down any excess so as not to mark clothing.

Instructional Video, Dr John Douillard