Act now for tomorrow

The concept is simple. Our actions today will impact our lives tomorrow. As in other aspects of our lives, so too in our health.

The most effective way to maintain good health and prevent disease is by living in tune with nature, with the seasons and with today.

It is only reasonable to consider that we humans are affected by natural forces of dark and light, cold and heat, dry wind and moist rain just like the rest of the natural world.   

So, listen to nature, listen to your body and allow it to inform you of what you need.

As the day breaks, the sun rises and the activity of nature recommences, rise, be active, feed your body. 

As the day winds down and darkness comes, slow down, take it easy and then retire to bed to rest.

Take respite from the heat of summer - don't exercise in the middle of the day, get wet to cool down, keep your fluids up to keep your insides cool.

Rug up and find shelter in the middle of a blustery, cold, wintery day - nurture yourself with gentle, warming foods, protect yourself from the vata aggravating wind.

Take it easy in winter, as much of nature hibernates, so too should we rest a little. Start to awaken in spring, stimulate yourself with activity as you emerge from rest. Enjoy summer and all it has to offer, but don't overexert especially in the heat. Autumn is a time to reap the rewards of summer, enjoy cooler, fresh air and start to slow down just a little.

As we become aware of ourselves and our connectedness with mother nature, we can not help but intuitively follow her lead. So take it easy, don't overthink, but be aware.

Amber Brown